About Ron

RonRon Futrell is a long-time journalist at who has worked at a number of local TV/radio stations and publications throughout the western United States.

He began his broadcasting career in the early ’80’s in Salt Lake City, UT at KSXX radio and KTVX TV (ABC). From there he spent time at KNDO TV (NBC) in Yakima, WA and in 1984 began working for KTNV TV (ABC) in Las Vegas, NV. Currently Ron works for KLAS TV (CBS) in Las Vegas part-time as a reporter and sports anchor.

Ron is VP of Sales and Marketing for AviSight, a Las Vegas based drone company doing a variety of services, including “AeroJournalism,” which is the use of drones for journalism, mainly the TV news industry.

Over the years Ron has covered Super Bowls, World Series’, NBA Finals and NCAA Championships. He has reported on virtually every major sporting event in Las Vegas over the last 3 decades, which includes major boxing and MMA events, NASCAR races, the rise and fall of UNLV basketball, the careers of local athletes like Greg Maddux, Andre Agassi, Randall Cunningham and Mike Tyson — along with many others. Ron is also well known for covering local high school and club sports in Las Vegas over this time period.

Ron is perhaps best known in Las Vegas for his work covering UNLV basketball. As host of the Jerry Tarkanian TV show for 10 years, Ron was able to get the inside story on one of most remarkable teams in college basketball history.