Betting on ‘E-Sports’ Could Happen Soon in Nevada

Betting on e-sports in Nevada could begin in a couple of weeks now that the Nevada Gaming Policy Committee has advised the state’s regulatory bodies to allow businesses to take bets on the growing sport.

“I believe, at least in my discussions and from the testimony we have heard today, that we have the regulatory infrastructure in place and we won’t need a legislative change to get this done,” said Gov. Brian Sandoval, the chairman of the committee said Wednesday.

Specifically, the committee passed a motion telling the Gaming Control Board and Nevada Gaming Commission they could move forward with developing the regulations regarding e-sports because “e-sports is something the committee has vetted and found non-problematic and suitable from a betting standpoint.”

A.G. Burnett, chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, said that if a licensed business wanted to take bets on e-sports now, it could apply under Regulation 21.120, which allows operators to offer wagers on events other than athletic events. The example he offered was sports books taking bets on who would win the Heisman Trophy.


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