Curry Leads Warriors Over Thunder in Game Two

Series now tied 1 all

The Golden State Warriors slightly outplayed the Oklahoma City Thunder for the first half, and then the defending champs ran circles around OKC and earned a 118-91 win. Four things to know:

1. Stephen Curry pretty much won the game with one two-minute stretch

So Curry did a good job of putting the ball in the basket. No, like, a really good job — particularly in the third quarter, when he scored 15 points in less than two minutes. Fifteen points in less than two minutes!

In that same span, the Thunder scored two points. The run gave the Warriorsa 20-point lead, and they would extend it to 35. In a 48-minute playoff game, it is rare that you can point to two minutes and say, “That’s where Team X won or lost the game.” This is the exception to the rule. Curry is often the exception to the rule.


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