Ousted Gretchen Carlson Files Sexual Harassment Suit Against Roger Ailes and Fox News

Gretchen Carlson, who quietly disappeared from her afternoon shift on Fox News Channel last month, has filed a sexual harassment suit against her former boss, Roger Ailes.

Carlson’s complaint filed Wednesday in Superior Court in New Jersey said Ailes, chairman and CEO of Fox News, “sabotaged” the anchor’s career at the cable channel because she complained about a hostile working environment when she was a co-host of “Fox and Friends.” The suit also alleges that Ailes made sexual advances that were rebuffed by Carlson and that he directed innuendo-filled comments toward her.

The suit could become a serious cloud over Ailes, 76, who is the strong-willed force behind the top-rated cable news channel that is a major profit center for media conglomerate 21st Century Fox. Since the suit was filed, a number of women have contacted Carlson’s legal representatives to convey other alleged harassment incidents involving Ailes.

“Several women have called us and have asked us if they can relate their similar experiences,” said Nancy Erika Smith, an employment litigator for Smith Mullin, P.C., who is part of the team handling Carlson’s case. “That certainly is relevant in the law. The law allows us to bring other victims of similar harassment for the jury to see that this is a pattern of behavior.”

Carlson, 50, was a co-host of the channel’s morning program “Fox and Friends” from 2005 to 2013. Her suit alleges that Ailes retaliated against her after she complained about condescending on-air behavior by co-host Steve Doocy. The suit alleges that in 2009, Doocy yanked Carlson’s arm down to silence her during a live telecast. It also charged Doocy mocked her during commercial breaks and refused to engage with her on the program.


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