Raiders Move to Las Vegas Questioned by ‘Pro Football Weekly’

While we have written on this topic before in The Way We Hear It, the confirmation by the league office that the Oakland Raiders requested formal permission to relocate to Las Vegas last week has once again set off a whirlwind of reporting and conversation that the move is a done deal.

 Again we are here to report that not only is the Raiders move to Vegas not a done deal, according to multiple sources around the league, the odds may actually be less than 50-50 that the move is approved, and even if it is approved there are still so many details unsettled that Mark Davis’ deal with Vegas could easily fall apart.

As one high-level team executive told us, “Mark Davis is a nice enough guy but he is not anywhere near in his father’s league, and he is in way over his head in his dealings with the other owners and the people in Las Vegas.”

There are two very significant hurdles that remain in Davis’ finding 23 owners willing to join him in voting to approve the move.


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