Reasons The Raiders Domed Stadium Deal Could Be Better Without Adelson

First, I had no problem with casino owner Sheldon Adelson being part of the Raiders deal to build a stadium in Las Vegas and move the team here. I know some people did, and sometimes their objections were purely for political reasons. I don’t mix politics and sports. If somebody wants to put up $650 million of their own money to build a sports stadium, their politics are irrelevant to me. But, to some the politics mattered most, although they would now never admit that.

That being said, the deal may be better off without Adelson and here are some of the reasons why.

GOLDMAN SACHS – All if this is dependent on the Goldman Sachs portion having legs. Raiders owner, Mark Davis says Goldman Sachs is ready to jump in and provide the $650 mil that the Adelson’s were going to put into the stadium. Davis has better hope that deal with GS is real but the public has seen no details, so it’s hard to say.

SPORTS BETTING – Adelson made his billions off conventions and gambling. Some of that is sports gambling. NFL owners had to be a little uncomfortable with somebody in that business having such a close relationship with an NFL team. That aversion probably could’ve been overcome, but now it is no problem.

COKE OR PEPS? – This question is settled. The Raiders are a Pepsi team and the Venetian/Palazzo Las Vegas are Coke properties. Seriously, that was part of the battle. Coke and Pepsi battle over high school fields, they certainly would battle over a $2 billion Las Vegas domed stadium. Settled – like it or not, if the stadium is built for the Raiders, it will be a Pepsi property.

POLITICS REMOVED – Okay, I’m ¬†explaining my opening paragraph in a little more detail. Sheldon Adelson is not just a Republican donor, he is the Republican donor. Most prominent in the country. He was seated near Donald Trump’s family at the inauguration. There were those on the left who hated this stadium deal because it was Adelson who was involved. Again, not me, but they were out there and watch them now magically support the stadium idea when they either like, or do not know the politics of one of the ‘replacement player.’

Okay, perhaps not significant reasons, but they are real. The biggest question (other than Goldman Sachs) is who would control the stadium if it is built for the Raiders. Would it be owned/run by the Raiders? Clark County? Goldman Sachs? My Cousin Vinny? Or – is there another Sugar Daddy out there with some cash wanting to jump in? Anybody heard from MGM lately? They have both Coke and Pepsi properties.

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