Second Wave of Worldwide Cyber Attacks Feared Monday

By Karl Nelson – A global cyberattack second wave was awaited Monday morning as employees in about 150 countries went back to work braced for aftershocks of Friday’s attack, being referred to as the worst “online extortion” ever.

The U.S. was mostly saved when a kill switch stopped the malware from spreading. Thousands of computers and other Microsoft-based systems in Europe and Russia had already fallen victim to the ransomware attack, reported ABC News.

The computers were locked down in exchange for ransom payments, said Mashable.

Companies were being encouraged to update their Microsoft systems so the software isn’t vulnerable to malware like WannaCry, which puts a lock on computers, steals its data, and then demands payment in Bitcoins before later destroying the data it collected.

Security experts said a second wave of the attack could affect employees across the globe again, starting Monday and even spilling into the rest of the week.



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