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May 01

Tark Statue at Thomas and Mack

Tark Statue

Former UNLV Basketball Coach Jerry Tarkanian will be honored with a bronze statue at the Thomas and Mack Center. Above is a photo of the statue with Tark chewing his trademark towel with an empty seat next to him for fans to sit and be photographed next to the legendary coach. Often, when Tark was …

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Jan 13

Jerry Tarkanian Belongs in The Hall


Few have changed the game of college basketball like Jerry Tarkanian. Now, to some, those changes have not been positive and they think Tark should be locked up in NCAA prison somewhere beneath the O.J. Heisman. The NCAA and its compliant media have made careers off trying to destroy  the bald, towel chewing, Armenian who was at …

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Jan 02

Pennsylvania Takes on The NCAA

NCAA Penn St

Perhaps the NCAA should add child molestation as a penalty to its rule book. Somewhere between; You Can’t Pay For An Athletes Meal, and You Can’t Give Him A Ride In Your Car, they may want to add; You Can’t Shower With His Little Brother. Of course that rule is not there, and it’s actually …

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